Research shows: Digital sleep training works

Digital sleep training improves sleep and helps improve mental, emotional and social health, according to studies. Studies already conducted on the efficacy of sleep² show: Problems falling and staying asleep improve and the perceived quality of life increases.

Improved sleep quality with lasting effects

Data show an 18 percent improvement in sleep quality among people with poor or very poor sleep quality when using sleep² over a six-week period. In addition to acutely reducing insomnia symptoms, these effects have been shown to last weeks beyond use of the app.

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sleep² reduces the time needed to fall asleep

It shows a 26 percent improvement in what is known as sleep onset latency: that is the time it takes to detect the first stage of sleep.

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sleep² reduces the wake-up frequency

Using sleep² reduces the frequency of waking up by up to 59 percent. As a result, people are more likely to sleep through the night and the subjectively perceived quality of sleep improves.

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sleep² improves mental health

Compared to the start of treatment, regular use of sleep² results in significant improvements in general psychological distress, depression as well as anxiety.

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Download sleep²

Get the sleep² app and start your journey to healthy and better sleep with the power of science.

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